Jessica Killebrew, Psy.D.

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Mindful Living and Conscious Parenting


Life is often filled with unconscious choices. This can lead us down a path where we might feel lost and confused - or just unaware and unsatisfied, not knowing there is a different way to be. We often live and parent from this place, falling into family patterns and automatic thinking that is less-than helpful.

The average person invests almost nothing in their life journey outside of reading a few self-help books. People tend to research a car more than what kind of parenting approach they use. This is a place to get intentional about the life you want to live.

Whether you are looking for direction, want to improve relationships, your parenting, or just want to make a change - you have arrived. WELCOME!

inspirING you wake up, live fuller, breathe deeper, and get grounded in your own wisdom.


begins with...

Being present. 

The NOW (yes, right now) is vital.

When we become mindful to what is happening in the moment, we can FREE ourselves and experience the world, our children, and our life with new eyes.

Here we have access to empathy, choice, love, peace, empowerment.

Here anything is possible.


I am a real mama, a healer, mindfulness practioner, life lover, wellness connoisseur and a believer that people have everything they need to live mindfully and parent consciousnesly - come awaken the possibilities!

Mindful Living | Conscious Parenting



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