Essential Oils

Getting back to the basics:

It makes sense, nature has most of the answers. Plants have the ability to heal, alter mood, increase immunity, boost well-being and so much more. For that reason I refer to essential oils as "plant medicine".

Essential what?

Essential oils are aromatic compounds derived from plants. They are seeds, bark, roots, leaves, flowers, herbs, even peels from fruits. Essential oils are highly compounded concentrates - from mother nature. They are inextricably linked to health and wellbeing. Plus, they not only smell (or taste) good, they offer so much therapeutic value for both body and mind.

What are oils used for?

What are they not used for? Essential oils are used for anything and everything from cleaning, pain, cooking, cold symptoms, sleep, and headaches! They also offer psychological benefits and can be used to enhance concentration, grounding, peace, relaxation and overall well-being. Put them in a diffuser, sprayer, or directly on the skin, in the bath, food - get creative!

How do I get some?

Oils are popular and found almost anywhere but doing your research is important. If they are chemically distilled, or have synthetics and other additives they do not offer the same therapeutic benefits. I choose Young Living Essential Oils for my family. The Seed to Seal process ensures they are non-GMO, grown organically, and optimally distilled using a clean process. I don't just love them, I trust them.