Why coaching?

It's less about what's "wrong" and more about what's "right".


Live a richer value-based life

Inspire shift, through defined intentions

Guidance during life transitions when you feel lost

 Rejuvenate what feeds, enlivens and imbues you with PASSION!

Navigate your desires and shift your consciousness around possibilities

Use gratitude to promote good mental hygiene

Wake up to what might not be working

Look at yourself and your life realistically to identity blockages

Establish a clear picture of what your ideal life looks like

Balance: Time, resources, relationship

Gain a real sense of confidence and learn how to better connect

Transform and awaken to what is arresting your potential

Recognize your intrinsic purity and wholeness

Live creativity and feel more alive

Step into your life



Coaching uses a strengths-based approach to focus on transformation. It is ideal for those seeking inspiration and direction to help them grow.

Seek coaching for: Stress and time management, success, relationships, connecting to self and others, career, balance, renewal, leadership and a greater sense of overall health and well-being.

My style of coaching uses an Integral approach, which excels at seeing an individual from a systems perspective. I am compassionate yet honest. An open and non-judgmental listener but directive. I specialized in Integral theory (Wilber 2000). This approach takes an extensive understanding of development and provides a comprehensive picture of where an individual is, beautifully illuminating growth potentials. This adds greatly to a persons understanding of self and lays out a more clear directive.

Mindfulness-based practices that cultivate present moment awareness ground the client in a different quality of seeing, hearing and feeling, which creates shift. The ability to be mindful (which EVERYONE has) can be seen as the fertilizer in a garden. Here, we can plant so many beautiful seeds that you can choose to grow.

From basic stress and time management, success, self-esteem, relationships and connectedness, to career, leadership and sustaining a solid sense of well-being.


Mindfulness increases your ability to cope. It cultivates self-compassion, non-judgment, acceptance, and awareness – all vital to wellness. Mindfulness encourages perspective and flexibility, strengthening overall mental health. It allows us to live in the present moment and let go of unhealthy attachments. Ultimately it gets us in touch with what it means to be more fully alive. To learn more about mindfulness, read my article


An integrative framework involves mind and body. It examines all aspects of physical and spiritual health, culture, family roles, and larger social systems are interconnected. Personality and beliefs are also looked at to understand how well-being is created and maintained.


My approach is wellness based, which focuses on strengths and values that empower the individual. This allows for innate and organic processes to take place.


I believe this approach promotes insight, shift, growth and balance in a most profound way. Coaching entails nurturing internal wisdom to bring about this transformation.


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